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Aim of the consultancy
The aim of the consultancy is to inform practical, scientific, technological, policy and academic issues by setting their various concerns in an environmental historical framework. Essentially it carries out research in this inter-disciplinary region, at an appropriate level to the task and outcome in hand, and then presents the results in a wide range of formats. The starting point is a respect for the integrity of the historical record and of our environment. It is also fundamental that the use of historical knowledge depends on it being presented in an understandable way that focuses on the questions that are being addressed. Examples of work.

Raymond Smith - Profile
In creating this consultancy in 1990, Raymond Smith was seeking to combine his university studies in history with his appreciation of landscape and his knowledge of the physical sciences. His degree was in History and taken at the University of Hull in the early 1980’s. Prior to that his A level studies had included Chemistry and Physics.
He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 1991 (where he was a member of Planning and Environment Research Group committee between 1998 and 2004). He was elected a member of the Royal Historical Society in 2007.

He has been trained in adult education techniques at the Universities of Surrey and Sussex. Apart from devising degree level courses as an Associate Lecturer at Surrey, he has also been the facilitator of a support group at Surrey.

Outside of his professional activities, he has sought to put his knowledge and experience to good use in the voluntary sector in Surrey. In 2001 he set up a Biodiversity Working Group for the Guildford Environmental Forum and chaired it until 2017. He became Chair of the Forum in 2010 continuing until 2017. He has also chaired the Planning Committee of his local parish council since 2003.

What is Environmental History? A short outline.