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Videos - see vimeo.com/user12763609. This includes:
Windows into Venice” on the Brooking Collection’s preparations for the 14th Venice Architectural Biennale.
Architectural Detail” commissioned by the Brooking Collection. “Sullington. An Essay in Changing Agriculture.

Sample architectural photographic survey (West  Road, Cambridge).
Sample posters on wildlife issues for the voluntary sector.

PUBLICATIONS (national and international ).
Academic and Historical:

The Green Belt, History Today,  Vol. 65, Issue 12, December,  2015, p 6. (View)

Fractious Waters, History Today,  Vol. 64, Issue 1, January 2014, pp 6-7. (Preview this article )

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Dangerous Waters, BBC History Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 8, August 2002, pp 22-24

Turning a tide of filth, BBC History Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 7, July 2001, pp 41-43. (Download)

The evolution of the “brownfield” concept. A background paper to “What is a Brownfield Site?”  in Conference Papers: Brownfield Site Development, (IBC Global Conferences), 2000.

Nature and Water Pollution in 19th-Century Britain: Insights from Debates of Engineers and Administrators,  Jahrbuch Für Europäische Verwaltungsgeschichte (Yearbook of European Administrative History), 11, 1999, pp 139-162. (Abstract - external site.)

Opposition to Environmental Policies: contaminated land in Britain, Local Environment, Vol. 4,
No. 3, (October) 1999, pp 377-383. (Buy this article - external site.)

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Review: The Great Stink of London: Sir Joseph Bazalgette and the Cleansing of the Victorian Metropolis. By Stephen Halliday. Stroud, England 1999 (paperback 2001).  in Environmental History Vol. 7, No. 1 (January 2002)

Business to Business:
Flower power (on “green roofs”), Contract Journal, 23rd November, 2005, p 28.
Revisiting the Past, Contract Journal, Brownfield Supplement, December, 2001, pp 34-35.
Playing a different tune, Construction News (Quarrying Feature), 21 June, 2001, p 43.
Operation Clean Up, Contract Journal, Piling and Site Preparation Supplement, April, 2001, pp 14-15. (Download)
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